Letter to Investors

Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome to the

Hydrogen Energy Development Fund

As you will soon discover, this is a very modern and profitable equity fund opportunity ,

a well advanced set of well established businesses are being acquired with returns.

This fund is very different from typical New York New Jersey Philadelphia,

and broader USA Energy equity fund market portfolio's.


Secure Supplies Investment Limited is committed to be a trusted and valued private development investment fund firm providing unswerving, unwavering high quality and reliable researched acquisitions and green energy specifically to value add solutions to our business operations with in the United States.


Secure Supplies Investment Limited  is an industry leader in designing and developing profit centers &  solutions for our clients based on deploying Green fuel products to established profit centers.

Our passion for continuous improvement across the groups assets  warrants the execution of every task with personal and corporate integrity, environmental responsibility to support profitable moves zero emissions whilst maintaining profitable resalable  business acquisition & development.

This Private Investment Fund

This private investment fund was established by Secure Supplies Investments Limited.

stemming from experiences in the hydrogen Industry developing high technology

fueling solutions for community energy storage.

The firm now maintains a operational team dedicated solely to establishing this fund for the acquisition and further carbon free product development of established gas station retail sites.

With a directive to upgrade fuel retail sites we acquire,  to achieve fueling communities in which they are located with more healthy product choices.  We achieve this swiftly by retrofitting all acquisitions with more green product choices like Hydrogen, Bio Fuels and fuel gases allowing more product range and choice  of range to the clients .

The funds strategy is to acquire low debt high cash flow gas stations chains , (of which we have prepared several opportunities ready for review) all from family owned operators. Along with  operationally suitable undervalued fuel logistic business hubs with well established  operating routes across several states with high cash flows on wholesale distributing and retailing of fuels.

This fund has planned to further value add each acquisition to incorporate hydrogen fueling and modern consumer services creating large profit windows and income for the funds members.

The sites we have worked hard to prepare for acquisition are privately owned with a 5 Year + operational balance sheets and with low debt and strong high income cash flows. 

The fund's initial acquisitions and refit goals are valued at 50 million and have existing yearly

cash profit of over appropriately 10 Million USD. Which creates a ideal foundation for funds operations to commence. This will be further turned in to capital assets with inbound daily cash flows,

Fund management will immediately commence with performance focused value adding

all sites with green fuel products and services to further advance these sites.

We expect a full capital return within 5 to 10 years for investors from these assets being acquired. And expect a return of capital with a large profit yield in line  with the current economy's growth.

The rapidly rising demand for energy providing a 20% to 30% minimum yield from these businesses year on year forward. 

As Noted by The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)


The Management

Secure Supplies Investment firms fund management charges flat 2 % management fee

and The Fund will pay Secure Supplies Investments a profit share of 20% of the net profit arising on the sale or disposal of each investment. after 15% profit bench mark is reached.

Upon retrofitting and advancing these acquisitions and during management 

and of eventual sale & profit of these assets to release funds we maintain these charges and roles.

All proposed acquisitions are established businesses with  land and buildings with free hold fuel contracts.  Some acquisitions include management offices and and wholesale fueling and maintenance depots to support businesses. All of which will be advanced to increase service reach and provision of Green Fuels and Gases.

It is the funds intention move is to shift our offices to one of the newly acquired locations for which we will expand the fuel services and green product ranges by utilizing and empowering key staff to use modern technology to greatly expand the business operational foot print ,sales reach and services in each case for fund investors benefit.

The businesses included for acquisition generate strong documented volumes and margins.

Many sites have received appearance and equipment upgrades, and are in low debt high cash flow positions. We have negotiated a position to re-brand all sites ready for resale on

funds time line.

Our Core Principles and Values

Our dedicated staff at Secure Supplies are guided by our core principles and values.

We pledge to: 

  • Be loyal to the businesses we acquire and the value adding of  green hydrogen products to the sites.

  • Be honest with ourselves and within all business activities

  • Be transparent in our work ethics 

  • Ensure that the quality of all products and service is maintained and we, at all times, strive for improvement of businesses we manage.

  • Apply our experience, ingenuity, and intelligence to create sustainable solutions for the growing market.

  • Recognize that our clients have trusted us with their assets.

  • Be a positive asset to the clients and environment.

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Deliver effective, robust solutions that suit and serve our clients’ needs and values.

Invite to Join and Invest with us.

You now have a chance to commence a smart Energy investment at a perfect moment in time which happens to be now.


Your Support will make a contribution to re invigorating this businesses ready for sale again with 5 to 10 years and will make a positive influence to communities by assisting to bring new green fuel products to the market sooner. 

This fund will be the difference in the Hydrogen Economy

  please join our fund to further accelerate these acquisitions and retrofits.

To promulgate your belief in environmental and resource sustainability and give this land the benefits of your knowledge and experience and in this area stop the mistakes the rest of the world is trying to correct or prevent those mistakes from re-occurring.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Daniel Donatelli


USA + 1 (520) 848-1659

Secure Supplies Investments