Secure Supplies is an investment management company.

The Board's investment policy is to take strategic investments in companies with fast growth and/or strong recovery prospects, Typically the companies in which Secure Supplies will invest ,both in the quoted and unquoted , are in the small and micro cap sector. Such investments may result in Alpha acquiring a strategic stake in a company or project.


The Company's investments may take the form of equity , joint venture or any other financial instrument as the directors deem appropriate.

The funds strategy is to acquire low debt high cash flow gas stations chains , (of which we have prepared several opportunities ready for review) all from family owned operators.


Along with  operationally suitable undervalued fuel logistic business hubs with well established  operating routes across several states with high cash flows on wholesale distributing and retailing of fuels.

This fund has planned to further value add each acquisition to incorporate hydrogen fueling and modern consumer services creating large profit windows and income for the funds members.


Secure Supplies Group sees ample opportunities for the use of clean and sustainable forms of energy and is working on this. The realization and operation of Advanced  Energy Points by all communities  is an important step in this regard. By offering sustainable fuels we facilitate the urgent need for cleaner and sustainable fuel. Moreover, we make it possible for everyone in their own communities to make the switch to more sustainable energy, driving and powering.

Advanced Energy Points are modern gas stations in a ground breaking design. With an innovative range of sustainable fuels. With the design of the New Advanced Energy Points, just like with the sustainable range offered, the immediate environment is taken into account.        The emphasis in the development is on a symbiosis with the spatial environment in which the tank facility will be developed.

Secure Supplies Group is currently working on the construction of gas stations.

The projects are developed and implemented in close collaboration with the various municipalities, States and Counties.


More and more municipalities see the potential of sustainable fuels to prevent CO2 and particulate matter emissions. However, no situation or zoning plan is the same.                        This requires a scalable approach that translates into service stations that can be modular:




































The sites we have worked hard to prepare for acquisition are privately owned with a 5 Year + operational balance sheets and with low debt and strong high income cash flows. 

The fund's initial acquisitions and refit goals are valued at 50 million and have existing yearly

cash profit of over appropriately 10 Million USD. Which creates a ideal foundation for funds operations to commence. This will be further turned in to capital assets with inbound daily cash flows,

Fund management will immediately commence with performance focused value adding

all sites with green fuel products and services to further advance these sites.

We expect a full capital return within 5 to 10 years for investors from these assets being acquired. And expect a return of capital with a large profit yield in line  with the current economy's growth.

The rapidly rising demand for energy providing a 20% to 30% minimum yield from these businesses year on year forward. 

As Noted by The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Secure Supplies our Firm seeks to achieve maximum total returns primarily through the capital appreciation of its investments. It is not envisaged that any income or gains derived from the Company's investments will be distributed by way of a dividend.


This does not preclude the directors from declaring a dividend at any time in the future to shareholders , if they consider it appropriate to do so which is  pinned to annual review of the individual performance of each of the the businesses acquired..

The Company's interest in its intended investments will be proactive .

Where necessary and/or desirable , it will seek to provide asset backed finance and/or equity finance for its investments.



With this smallest variant, we offer the option of fueling Green Gas and, if space is available, we can offer charging points for electric vehicles. A small canopy can be used to dry and refuel from the wind through a small column that can be accessed from 2 sides. This allows 2 vehicles to refuel at the same time. The realization and launch of the first Small variants are planned across state.


With the medium variant, we offer the option of refueling LNG and adding Green gas and  Hydrogen. The medium variant requires more surface area and must be accessible for trucks. Refueling can be done dry and sheltered because the tank facility as a whole is provided with a roof with breakthrough design. Optionally, the Medium variant can be expanded with charging points for electric driving.


The most extensive variant provides for 4 filling stations for large commercial vehicles upto 600 Bar and 4 filling stations for passenger cars and small commercial vehicles.The offer is Green gas, LNG and hydrogen and in addition to the chilled dispenser systems  we include charging points for electric driving which are power from Hydrogen to power  systems not grid whichare included in the plan.